There are a couple of Boss pigs.Boss pigs appear on the last level of a planet.They all of different powers.

Pig BangEdit

On the last level of Pig Bang the first Boss pig comes in.It has a gaint moon car which shoots bubbles with rocks and food.Non of the birds can defeat this Boss pig.To defeat it you must launch birds at the bubbles that have rocks.When you pop the bubbles with rocks in them they will hit the Boss pig.After alot of rocks hit the Boss pig it flies away and it goes into a space ship.The Boss pig then shoots bubbles at the Ice bird trapping it and then the pig flies away.

Cold CutsEdit

On the last level of Cold Cuts the Boss Pig returns in a UFO.The UFO has robot arms You have one type of bird each.You have to launch birds at TNT which explodes and pushes rocks at the Boss pig.When you destroy the UFO the Boss pig explodes and gets defeated.

Danger ZoneEdit

No boss pigs are in this planet.